Very Important Post

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Moving Day – Wahoo!

It’s moving day, peeps. I’m going to save myself some cash and hop on over to a self-hosted WordPress blog for I’ll be saving myself a bundle (pun totally intended) by not needing the Bundle to keep ads off of here, redirect my domain name to and to have the ability to customize my site with a little code. Another benefit is I’ll be able to really let loose and customize the dickens out of this thing.

I know, I know. I did this once before and came back. But that was different. I gave SquareSpace a try and wasn’t crazy about it. This time I’m sticking with what I know – WordPress. If you are an email subscriber you shouldn’t feel a thing. If you’re a “follower” by hitting “follow this blog” while logged in, you’ll need to give it a day or two, then go to and subscribe by email.

See you on the flip side!

e :)

New Gallery

I know what you’re thinking. Another theme? Heck yes! I LOVE this one, so deal, haha! Anyway, I added a gallery of the pups.

Check it out!