My Week Sucked, How ‘Bout Yours?

Originally posted on January 21, 2005.

It should be noted that I taught 2nd grade at the time this was posted.

I’ve had a REALLY crappy week at school. Here’s a recap.

Kid disappeared on me and then told me I gave her permission to. One kid threatened to bring a knife to school and cut another kid’s throat. Team member invites the rest of the team to borrow/copy stuff and the next day screams at us that she meant to tell her what we wanted and she’d do it, then chewed me out for having to spend her recess copying for us (psycho that one). For a Friday finale I had a kid whose mom makes the 3-year-old sleep in the bed with him, but the 3-year-old still wets the bed at night. They’re dirt poor, so they wear the same thing every day (also for sleepwear) and he smelled so bad today that my entire classroom reeked. The other kids were holding their shirts over their noses even though they didn’t know it was him. I sent him to the office for a change of clothes and then propped open my outside door. It took about 4 hours to cleared. Last, but certainly not least, one of my parents who likes to tell my how to teach/run my classroom wrote me a note saying she didn’t understand her daughter’s homework and anyway it was kind of dumb and what do i think. I think it was a good assessment of sequencing skills, and it was part of the district-approved curriculum we’re required to use.


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