Science Time Again

Originally posted on January 26, 2005.

Today I did science for an observation by my associate principal. I picked science because I love this unit and my kids usually do really great for me. Today we were putting baking soda in water and observing any changes, then baking soda in vinegar and observing what happens. I read the instructions backwards when I was setting up and put too much vinegar and baking soda. I realized this because the first thing I heard was wow, cool! followed by screams of absolute terror and panic because the soda/vinegar concoction was running down the cups, pooling between desks and running all over the floor. Did I mention we’re in a brand new building? OOPS! We got it cleaned up, finished our lesson, and my A.P. said I did a great job (although she missed the last part of the lesson). Thankfully, my observation wasn’t an official one – that one’s friday. I love science days 🙂


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