No Articles

I recently wrote a poem called “No Articles” that my husband liked so much he asked me to share it here at When I wrote it I had in mind a double meaning for the title, a riddle of sorts. One meaning is pretty obvious as you read, the other, well, not so much. I might not be quite as clever I as think. Feel free to post guesses in the comment section.

No Articles
Miss Edee
September 27, 2011

Shiny, glossy pages
Over one hundred of them
Inserts and ads
Beautiful pictures of beautiful people
(By whose standard?)
Makeovers, product reviews, recipes
Essays, opinion pieces
Public panic pieces:
Get it out of your house it will kill you and your kids and your goldfish!
Fear! Fear! Fear!
Smelly perfume cards that make my nose itch, my eyes water
Pardon me, sneeze coming…
Subscription cards, recipes, Hollyweird weight loss secrets
Advice columns for love money relationships kids health sex
One-size-fits-all Aha! moment will work for everybody
(At least, it worked for Oprah!)
Exercise plans, different issue to issue
New super foods to watch for
To vaccinate or not to vaccinate
Experts debate, oscillate
Thousands of words saying nothing at all
Rearranged monthly, never really changing
Empty, meaningless words
No articles here.




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