Winter Yummy

Longer, chilly nights
Lovers under blankets
Snuggling (or not snuggling)
Hot mugs warming hands
Sticky new spiderwebs and
Fluffy leaf piles
Ready for a child’s destruction

Bright reds oranges yellows
Punctuating a
Silvery gray sky
Heavy with clouds
Eager to release
Cold giant raindrops
Tap tap tapping on windows,
Pinging metal gutters,
Rushing from drainpipes.

Jars of homemade sauces
Put-up beans and tomatoes
Vacuum-sealed preserves and pickles
Comfort on a shelf
Out of hiding, dusted off, ready-to-eat

Screaming hot soups and stews
Winter-yummy gumbos, limas, red beans and rice
Root vegetables and roasts
Stews simmering in dutch ovens
Bubbling up, bubbling over
Popping against the cast iron lid
Aromas escaping with steam

Apple and pumpkin
Cinnamon and nutmeg
Potpourri and mulling spices
Soon will mingle with
Peppermint and pine

A single bright red leaf
Gently floating
Softly falling
Lands on my windshield
Signals the beginning,
Tells me
Autumn is here.


  1. Predicted cold tommorrow-will be time for a warm fire in the fireplace and a large pot of chili on the stove-will get out Mississippi State windbreaker for early morning walks-or if cold enough, the Chicago Bears hooded pull over you sent me- and yes, one of the seasons I love the most, football season!! The sounds of bone crunching tackles & Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!
    Love you muchly—

  2. About the time you posted this yesterday I was thinking I needed a jacket. I’m a summer guy myself, give me 100 degrees and 100% humidity and I’m happy. Mind you, I don’t want to be out in it, I’d rather be in the very air conditioned house, but that’s the weather I’m happy with. I have trouble getting warm when it gets down to freezing. Great picture you painted here, I especially love the next to the last stanza–that was the most vivid to me.


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