My Tunnel

I once thought I saw a
Pinprick of light
From the corner of my eye
Here in this tunnel,
This dark, wet, miserable, mildewy
Storm drain of cold, corrugated steel,
This tunnel where
Shadows weave and bob
Voices echo and taunt
Leaving me shivering, afraid.

I saw a light break through
Small, inviting, beckoning.
I ran to see.
I tripped and fell
Again and again.
I screamed, wailed, cried out.
Guided by compassion and kindness,
A gentle voice
From the outside,
I got up, kept going.

The light gets bigger with
Each moment, each step, each tear.
The light at the end of the tunnel
Is Real
I will run toward it with all my might and
Burst out of it
With all the strength and power of
A thousand freight trains
Barreling through the mountainside.

When I am free
I will dance outside of the opening,
Feel the warmth of the sun on my face,
Sense the light in my eyes.
I will dance, twirling barefoot
In the falling leaves.

And I will stand
On top of the tunnel,
The slimy storm drain I am rescued from.
I own it.
I will claim it as mine.
I will be victorious and
Rule over it.
I may sit on the edge of the opening,
Peek inside once in a while –
My choice.
But no one will ever
Stuff me in there again.


  1. You certainly have a talent for this.
    I guess, because of the silly and funny mood I was in the moment I read it the first time, I pictured the Disney movie, “A Bug’s Life,” and the main character trying to get to the end of the tunnel.
    Then I read it a second time and saw the depth, imagery, and the different ways this could be used as a metaphor for some many trials in a person’s life.
    Keep up the great writing!


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