The Last Minute

One more glance
One more kiss
One more pressing of cheeks
Another story song laugh

Memorizing sounds
Engraving touches
Permanent snapshot
Things previously unnoticed

We both know
We both refuse to acknowledge
She used to only say, “See you later”
Today she said, “Goodbye”

No! No! No! No! No!
I’m not ready!
One more sensory sweep for memory:
Forever suspended in time,
The last minute

Grammy in 1990

Edythe Susanne Davenhall Frownfelter (Grammy)
November 25, 1922 – October 10, 2006
I can still hear her giggle, see her smile, feel her cool hand pat my back to comfort me. My fingers, long and rolled to the side like hers (“turtle hands” she called them), remember the texture of her hair and the lines in her face. I remember all of the cool science and medical stuff she taught me and the advice she gave. My soul remembers her love, compassion, and nurturing. Her parting left a huge hole in my heart. May she rest in peace. I’m pretty sure she’s dancing and singing with a choir of angels. Until the time I rush into your arms once more as you remind me I’m your “special”, I love you and miss you desperately.

1 Comment

  1. oh sweet sweet sister!! i was with grammy for so many years on the coast. when she and i would sit and “yack” and giggle, it never really always felt like the two of us. it felt like the three of us. your presence was felt and the love in the room from her never felt like it was only directed at me. i always felt and knew that she was giving her heart to us both:) you were almost always apart of our conversations. she was so very proud of you. she never ever one time said or alluded she wish you did not leave the coast. i really think she loved your independence and respected your loyalty and commitment to your marriage that allowed you the opportunity to see more than just South Mississippi (yoo-hoo….i made it all the way up to central miss only after she was gone!-can you say chicken?). you were her special and you still are. but you know what edee? you are my special too. you are daddy’s special. you are nealan & rendon’s special. i wonder how many children 15 years from now will tell their children or mentor someone and tell them about their teacher that was so special that made them realize how special they were because we all count!?

    grammy loved you so so much. i know you know this and don’t need reassurance from me but i just want you to know that when she and i were together, you were in her heart and mind too. she would talk about how beautiful your voice is and she would also say how she thought you were beautiful.

    i know she would be happy that we are so close and support each other the way we do.

    i love you!


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