Honey & Milk

Para mis amigas latinas…

Skin the color
Of miel
On mothers’ strong arms
– ¡Te quiero, mija! –
Beautiful sun-kissed shades of mocha and caramel
I am suddenly aware of my own skin
Like the leche I pour in my coffee

Deep mahogany are the
Windows to their souls
Dancing and smiling
– ¡Ay, chismosa! –
Loud, throaty laughter
Starts deep in soft bellies and
Bursts from broad, open smiles

Filled with pride intelligence love compassion strength
One language is not enough
To convey meaning
El ritmo de su idioma tiene sentido más profundo
Weaving in and out
As naturally as breathing
I am breathless and full of awe

Passion ignites
Spreads like wildfire
Stirs emotion
Para la cultura
Each other
Their families
For themselves

I am blessed by their friendship
Their openness and
Willingness to share
La verdad de sus experiencias
It is an honor to witness
To listen and hear and learn
From my friends – these incredible women
Forever cherished en mi corazón



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