But I Still Suck at Titles

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Whoa, Nelly! This doesn’t look anything like what I’m used to!” Good! I’ve felt for some time now that something needed to change. It felt really odd seeing a post about my dog or my husband on the same page as a post about domestic violence or sexual abuse. I also know that the latter posts can be a tough read for some folks, especially those who subscribed for the purpose of reading the former. The dilemma was in choosing a direction for my blog. Should I delete/not write the personal essays and poetry, or does the more serious stuff go? I didn’t want to give up any of it. Instead, I started another website.

The fun, easy-going stuff will continue to appear here at MissEdee.com. Think of it as a kinder, gentler Miss Edee, if you want. The more serious, difficult topics can be found at www.EdeeLemonier.com. Don’t worry…. if you linked back to something I wrote but can’t find it here, go to the new website and do a search. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it there.

I don’t know if the WordPress gods will get upset with me for saying this, but my new site is hosted by Squarespace.com (I loooooves me some Squarespace!). I am able to have two different blogs on the same site there. They call them “journals” – a bunch of fancy pants they are over there! They don’t have their own way to subscribe by RSS or email, which is actually pretty cool, because Feedburner has tons of options for subscribers. WordPress makes it clear that exporting to another host is next to impossible, and that they will help, but for a fee, and only to the hosting sites they approve. However, it is easy as pie to import blog entries using Squarespace. It took seconds.

What does not import, however, are subscriptions, whether they are by email, RSS, or “following”. Frankly, I wouldn’t want it to. I’d prefer to have a choice if it were me, and I want you to have a choice, too. Soooo…. if you like the posts that focus on tougher subjects, please make the trek over to the new website, check it out, and subscribe. You will have the option to subscribe just to journal entries, just to announcements, or to both. You can sign up to receive new posts either via email or RSS.  If you do, please don’t run away from Miss Edee. We all need to come up for air sometimes, and the lighter stuff here might be just what you need.

Please join me at www.EdeeLemonier.com!


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