Lights… Camera… Action!

Let me start by saying Happy Independence Day! I hope you’re having a fun and safe time with your families!

Yesterday I sat down in front of iMovie to piece together a video about (what else) my dogs. I finally got enough footage of them staring at each other to start a clip with the sound track to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. There is definitely no shortage of clips of them wrestling each other, and I figured Kung Foo Fighting would be great for that one. My husband asked what I was doing, and as I was filling him in on my brilliant idea, he asked if I had considered using the Preview feature in iMovie. I hadn’t, he showed it to me, and oh holy cow it created a monster! I’ve done three videos in under 24 hours: two of the dogs and one of my sisters and me. The family one I’m keeping private, but I’m excited to share the ones of the pups here with you.


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