Friday the 13th

I’m not superstitious. Well, not that superstitious. Do I believe in bad luck? In a way. I do believe in coincidence. I think sometimes things go better than expected and sometimes, well, not so much. But I don’t believe a specific number on the calendar means everything is going to go sour on us. In some cultures Friday the 13th isn’t the day to be feared: Greeks and people in Spanish speaking countries get nervous on Tuesday the 13th.

Here’s hoping you threw some salt over your shoulder to offset walking under a ladder. If you did walk under a ladder, hopefully you didn’t step on any cracks. If a black cat crosses your path I’m sure the rabbit’s foot in your pocket will counter it, just as the horseshoe over your door will counter the mirror your broke earlier this morning.

Whatever you believe, I hope today was a good one. My pups got into the spirit. Or maybe the spirit got into them. Here’s a short video. You be the judge…

Pawsessed from Edee Lemonier on Vimeo.


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