Cheekdog’s World

Well, whaddaya know? I tried my hand at blogging way back in early 2005 at Blogspot with “Cheekdog’s World.” Life was completely different then. It was my first year of teaching (second grade), I lived in a different town, though not far from here, and our first Yorkie, Cheeky, was a thriving 9-year-old pup. That’s my favorite picture of her on the left. She was 11 years old, so you can see why I could refer to her as a “pup” at 9. We called her Cheekdog, hence, the name of the blog. I had things to say, but anonymity was paramount. For one thing, I wrote a few posts on goings-on in my classroom. Naturally, I never used names. Still, there’s always the fear you’ll be discovered and all holy something or other will break loose. I also have a habit – depending on the person to whom I am writing – of not using capitals when I email. That silly habit carried over into blogging, and I didn’t want anyone fearing for their children’s future. It seems I swore a lot, too. Hm. There was also general internet paranoia. Once your name is public, you can’t take it back, and I grew up with the (really bad) advice to never write anything down you don’t want someone else to read.

I want/need to shut down “Cheekdog’s World,” but couldn’t bring myself to delete some of the posts. I saved some of my favorite ones and fixed capitalization, a few grammar errors here and there, tightened them up just a tiny bit, and they are now resting comfortably in their new home here at They can be found by clicking on “Posts from Cheekdog’s World (My Old Blog)” under “Search by Category” on the right side of this page.



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