Blogger Admiration Isn’t Weird, Right?

Okay, I’ll admit it. There’s a blogger whose posts I have really started to look forward to finding in my inbox (aside from Ben Naga’s poetry). I usually check my email in the morning from my phone before unleashing the hounds of hell (aka the Yorkshire Terrors) and dealing with them for the first half hour of my day. I realized this morning it actually is a good thing that I’m too lazy to fool with writing a well thought-out comment only to then have to log in to WordPress. Otherwise, I’d probably have something to say about every single post, and it would go something like this: “Wow! You read my mind!” “Yes! I remember that!” “Holy cow! I know exactly what you mean!”

I wouldn’t want that to be misconstrued. I’m not a weirdo, you know.

Her blog is called 40 is the new 13, which alone cracks me up. By a 13 year old’s standards, she’s ancient. She’s apparently 43. I’m only 42. Her ode to the turkey wattle that appears on middle-aged necks when we aren’t looking (and without permission, I might add) is, well, it’s just the best thing ever.  Which reminds me, I’d like to know who decided hitting our 40s makes us middle-aged? I’m not middle-aged. I’m cool. I can still rock with the best of them. I’m still pretty rad. Totally awesome. Middle-age? Pfft. Gag me with a spoon! Oh… I get it. Never mind.

This morning there was a post comparing Mitt Romney with Holden Caulfield. Sheer genius.

I have no idea how or why anyone gets Freshly Pressed at WordPress. I saw someone show up there after writing his (her?) very first blog post about starting a blog. The one we all write because we don’t know what we want to say, we only know we want to say it. It’s been over a year for me and nothing. Zippo, zilch, zero, nada. Which, honestly, isn’t the reason I write. But 40 is the new 13 was Freshly Pressed, and I just happened to click over to FP when I meant to click something entirely different. A deliriously happy accident.

Seriously, this blog is one of the best I’ve read in a while. She’s funny, her perspective is fresh and easy to connect with, and she’s a damn good writer. Check it out.

Oh, and if she’s reading this, don’t be creeped out. I’m not a weirdo. I swear.


    • Oh man! Saw the post, didn’t watch it because the dog’s were dragging tin cups across the doors of their crates and singing “Nobody Knows” and I had to get them outside. Forgot to go back and watch, but wow – choked me up, Mister! Beautiful!

      Glad you’re opting not to crop me out 🙂 Hope you enjoy the new one on your list!

  1. Miss Edee… thank you so so much! It makes me feel so special that you like my posts and can relate to all my 40-ish stuff! Although I agree with you… I’m not really middle-aged… I’ve done the math. Sadly, numbers do not lie.

    So I was parked in the carpool line when I saw your kind and generous post as a pingback in my email… and suddenly I was so very happy! I was completely able to ignore the fact that I was (again) spending almost two hours of my day driving kids home from school. And also that I’d learned today at noon, while having lunch with my daughter in the cafeteria, that she’s been passing her sandwich to friends for several weeks. (They’d like me to continue cutting off the crusts.) This means, of course, that she’s been trying to learn afternoon science and math on a diet of one cookie and a bag of Cheez-its.

    Needless to say, your post here made me feel vastly better. I’m so grateful and so motivated to keep sharing my thoughts with you and the many other great bloggers here on WordPress.


    P.S. I really do not understand the whole Freshly Pressed thing. Best I can tell, an editor thought the funny 80s photo was a good hook. So many amazing writers… seriously a mysterious process.

  2. Aw, Jennifer, glad you not only were’t creeped out, you actually liked it – whew! I’m glad to make your carpool line a little easier. I’m also thinking how much I wish you made my lunches for me. A sandwich with the crusts cut off, Cheez-Its, and a bonus cookie? Holy wow! Now I want some Cheez-Its. I quit those things cold-turkey. I could eat half a box of hot-n-spicy Cheez-Its all by myself. In one sitting. And don’t even think of sitting next to me, let alone reaching for one when I’m in that state. I will clutch them with my grubby paws and growl all wild-eyed like a dog that hasn’t eaten in 3 days. I love those things.

    Truly, your Romney/Caulfield angle is the most brilliant thing I’ve read on this whole debacle.

    Edee 🙂


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