Review: A Dog’s Purpose

My latest book review at Reading & Writing Café. If you love dogs, you’ll love A Dog’s Purpose!


A Dog's Purpose CoverA couple of weeks ago I went into my local Barnes & Noble and walked past the giant table full of best-sellers. My intent was to pick up a few things in the technology section, but a light blue book with a sweet-faced, large black dog (lab?) on the front cover caught my eye. I flipped it over and read the back. The description said it would make me laugh out loud and cry. Great. The world needs another “heartwarming” book about dogs.

In a vain effort to prove to myself this would be a kitschy tear-jerker, I turned to the last page and found myself choked up in the middle of the store. My husband wandered over and asked if I was okay. Through sobs, I tried to explain the two paragraphs I’d read. When we got home, those last few sentences were still with me. I downloaded it and…

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