Happy 44th Birthday, Chris!

One year ago today I posted an open love letter to my husband for his birthday. Since then it has been my most viewed post all but two days out of the last 365, and as of this writing it has received 4,539 total views. He’s 44 today and I’m reposting this to tell him once again “Happy Birthday”. Please feel free to leave him birthday wishes in the comment section. I love you, Chris!

Happy Birthday: An Open Love Letter to My Husband

Originally posted on October 13, 2011

Today (October 13) is my husband’s forty-third birthday. This blog post is one of my gifts to him. Even though this is written directly to him, it is my intention to share these thoughts publicly, so I encourage anyone stopping by to please wish him a very happy birthday in the comment section.Keep Reading


Every morning for the past forty-three days I have been leaving you little notes in various places for you to find, and  I numbered them each day. I’m thinking you initially had the idea that I was putting the date on them, but I wasn’t. Your guess that I was counting either up to something or down was more accurate. It turns out that from September 1 to October 13 is exactly forty-three days. See what I did there? There are so, so many reasons I love you that if I were to leave you a different note each day for each reason, I would barely be getting started by the time our sun decided to heave its last hot sigh and snuff itself out. The number forty-three seems like such a teeny tiny number in the grand scheme of things. Blink, and you’ll miss it a million times over.

We’ve been through a lot together, you and I, and after all these years we just keep getting better and better together. I love that you’re only forty-three and we’ve been together over twenty years already because it means having more years together on the back end than if we had met just two or three years ago.

We are old souls, entwined since the beginning of creation, waiting for the precise moment when we could begin our journey together in this realm. It’s why the expression “married the minute we met” fits us so perfectly.

You are my heart and soul. You are my rock, my best friend, my lover, my hero, the great love of my life. You are my everything, and I love you more than you could ever possibly imagine. Below are forty-three of the infinite number of reasons why.

I love you because:

  1. You make me feel safe;
  2. You listen to your heart;
  3. You drink tea, and you love opera and ragas;
  4. You stood by me when I needed it most;
  5. You put your arm around me at church;
  6. You smell wonderful;
  7. My Two Favorite Men

    I know that if the boogeyman ever shows up and tries to come for me, you will tear him into millions of tiny pieces and scatter them to the four corners of the earth;

  8. You love my daddy;
  9. You’re willing to reflect and learn and grow;
  10. I can still make you blush;
  11. You’re different;
  12. You are the one who comforts me in the middle of the night;
  13. You comfort me;
  14. I can’t resist your dimples;
  15. You leave me “bunny mail” every day;
  16. You crack me up harder than anyone else for reasons that would make no sense to anyone else;
  17. Stories about helpless people or animals overcoming great odds move you to tears;
  18. You created a fun space just for me;
  19. You are genuinely interested in me;
  20. You smile with your whole face and light up a room;
  21. You will sit and listen to Grandma for hours;
  22. You are the most intelligent individual I have ever had the pleasure of knowing;
  23. You show compassion toward those in need;
  24. You’ve supported me through a period of growth even when you weren’t sure of the outcome;
  25. You hold me tight when I cry;
  26. You wrote thank you notes to Grammy when she sent you birthday cards;
  27.  You think I’m beautiful;
  28. You let me thaw my frozen feet on the backs of your legs;
  29. You pretend right along with me that I’m perpetually only 29 years old;
  30. The sound of my snoring is actually comforting to you;
  31. Little kids are drawn to you like it’s the most natural thing in the world – you have “The Baby Fu”;
  32. You can still rock out at a concert;
  33. You always encourage me to try new things;
  34. You think I’m smart enough to be a challenge to you;
  35. You know when to play it safe and when to take a risk;
  36. My friends feel safe with you;
  37. The lines in your face and the silver in your hair are so, so sexy;
  38. You worry about people I care about;
  39. You love my tattoos;
  40. You are the sweetest man on earth;
  41. As frustrating as it must have been, you never gave up on me learning how to use a computer;
  42. You always know just the right kind of movie I’m in the mood for;
  43. You love me with your whole being.
I can’t remember life before you, and I never want to imagine life without you.
Happy Birthday!
With love always,
e 🙂
L-R: 1st day of 1st grade; 1st grade; Cub Scout Chris
L-R: 11th Grade; April, 1992; Christmas 2009


  1. WOW, happy birthday Chris. What a beautiful love letter Edee has written for you and I have to say that knowing you both has been such a lovely gift in my life as well. Enjoy your special day; you deserve it for all the many ways you make life special for other people.


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