Yes, I Wrote a Positive Post About PORN!

tumblr_m4lupi6y4p1rrav0uo1_500Do I have your attention? Good! Now go read my latest, quick post at Reading & Writing Café! If you are a book lover, this one’s for you…


Click here to read “PORN!!!” at Reading & Writing Café


Happy 44th Birthday, Chris!

One year ago today I posted an open love letter to my husband for his birthday. Since then it has been my most viewed post all but two days out of the last 365, and as of this writing it has received 4,539 total views. He’s 44 today and I’m reposting this to tell him once again “Happy Birthday”. Please feel free to leave him birthday wishes in the comment section. I love you, Chris! Keep Reading

Lights… Camera… Action!

Let me start by saying Happy Independence Day! I hope you’re having a fun and safe time with your families!

Yesterday I sat down in front of iMovie to piece together a video Keep Reading