Moving Day – Wahoo!

It’s moving day, peeps. I’m going to save myself some cash and hop on over to a self-hosted WordPress blog for I’ll be saving myself a bundle (pun totally intended) by not needing the Bundle to keep ads off of here, redirect my domain name to and to have the ability to customize my site with a little code. Another benefit is I’ll be able to really let loose and customize the dickens out of this thing.

I know, I know. I did this once before and came back. But that was different. I gave SquareSpace a try and wasn’t crazy about it. This time I’m sticking with what I know – WordPress. If you are an email subscriber you shouldn’t feel a thing. If you’re a “follower” by hitting “follow this blog” while logged in, you’ll need to give it a day or two, then go to and subscribe by email.

See you on the flip side!

e 🙂

The Elections: I’m Afraid There’s Been a Huge Misunderstanding

Stupid. Ignorant. Bible-Hating. Robot. Entitled. Kool-Aid Drinker. Incapable of Free Thought. Unpatriotic. Taker. Entitlement Seeker. Lazy. Impetuous. Idiot. Stupid. Dumbass. Monster. Atheist. Anti-Christ. God-Killer. Christian Hater. Moslum (sic) Sympathizer. Baby-Killer. Job-Killer. Country-Killer. Terrorist. Traitor. Obamabot. O-Nut. O-Bum.  Keep reading

Thanks to MawMaw, I Voted!

My ballot is officially in the mail! I’m proud to be able to say my paternal grandmother’s mother actually participated in a suffragist parade in Chicago. She bundled up her infant daughter (my grandmother), and went right on down to march. Yes, I know men shed blood for the right to vote, too. But you fellas have had the right to vote since this country was founded. We’ve been at it less than 100 years, and we’re still fighting for some of the same basic rights men take for granted. Keep Reading…