Thankful to Be Hungry

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Keep Calm and Give Thanks

Early this morning my stomach started growling. Loudly. I was lying on the couch pseudo-snoozing while a turkey was roasting away in the oven, and the aroma wasn’t exactly helping.  Keep Reading

The Elections: I’m Afraid There’s Been a Huge Misunderstanding

Stupid. Ignorant. Bible-Hating. Robot. Entitled. Kool-Aid Drinker. Incapable of Free Thought. Unpatriotic. Taker. Entitlement Seeker. Lazy. Impetuous. Idiot. Stupid. Dumbass. Monster. Atheist. Anti-Christ. God-Killer. Christian Hater. Moslum (sic) Sympathizer. Baby-Killer. Job-Killer. Country-Killer. Terrorist. Traitor. Obamabot. O-Nut. O-Bum.  Keep reading