Yes, I Wrote a Positive Post About PORN!

tumblr_m4lupi6y4p1rrav0uo1_500Do I have your attention? Good! Now go read my latest, quick post at Reading & Writing CafĂ©! If you are a book lover, this one’s for you…


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Happy New Year!

I’m a WordPress addict, I’ll admit it. I’m also fine with that. I’ve completely redone for a more fun, softer, gentler blog. Don’t worry, though. “MissEdee” is just as feisty as ever!

Happy New Year!

Reading & Writing CafĂ© Post: A (Sort of) Chance Encounter with an Icon

Barbara Kingsolver

Friday night (11/16) I had the privilege of meeting one of my literary idols. Naturally, I wrote about it over at The Reading & Writing CafĂ©. Here’s how it all went down: A (Sort of) Chance Encounter with an Icon